about the artist

Danielle Sperandeo is a human being/painter/illustrator and is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration. She is currently residing in the beautiful oasis of Asheville, North Carolina, United States,Earth, Milky Way and spends her days live painting at musical events or drawing on something at all times.
Her visual style is dreamlike in essence and focuses on the representation of natural organisms and mystical creatures intertwining with humanity and strives to communicate how innately interconnected our species is with this planet and all of its living creatures. She paints with acrylic and watercolor on recycled wood, and loves using the grain as a subtle texture within the composition. Her goal is to inspire the viewers to look at the world around them more carefully, to discover beauty in unusual places and evoke reflection within themselves.  

She works as a  freelance illustrator and designer, mainly creating pieces for musicians such as logo designs, poster illustrations, pin designs, and album covers.  


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